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Nokia Seems to be Working on a Subscription Service – Phandroid

It’s not uncommon to see hardware and software companies offer subscription services, with the aim of keeping existing and loyal customers – as well as potential newcomers – in exclusively-branded ecosystems and such. With that said, it looks like Nokia is gearing up to unveil a new subscription service soon.

Nokia Seems to be Working on a Subscription Service – Phandroid

As reported by the folks over at Nokiamob, several users of Nokia phones in the UK market received a notification by way of the MyPhone app, which displays an ad of sorts for a Nokia-branded subscription service, simply referred to as “Circular.” Not much else was revealed about the upcoming service, however, and a query sent to Nokia didn’t yield any substantial information.

Based on what was shown in the add though, it seems that Circular will provide users with a means to regularly access Nokia services and hardware, and might even come with a rewards system. There’s a big chance that Nokia might reveal more information at this year’s upcoming IFA convention, which will be held in Berlin.

In other Nokia news, it’s also rumored that the company might show off its latest batch of upcoming laptops at IFA 2022. The company licenses its laptops to Off Global, a tech start-up based in France. 

Source: Nokiamob

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