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Not a day goes by that Jyothika doesn’t cry in that movie! Do you know what Surya will do? Director’s information

Jyothika: Actress Jyothika was a leading actress in Tamil cinema. Jyothika dominated the cinema for almost 10 years. No one could get close to him during his time.

Jyothika was such a busy actress. His first film was Ajith’s Wali. But before that, Jyothika acted in a Hindi film. It is a Hindi remake of the Tamil film Valandanku Kumharya.

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But the movie in Hindi was an utter flop. After Vali, Jyothika acted in Poovellam Keteparr. But Poovellam Keteparr was Jyothika’s first film. But Vali became the first film to release.

Suriya acted opposite Jyothika in the film Poovellam Keteparr. It is Suriya’s second film. So both of them are new to cinema and will take a lot of takes. Vasanth is the director of the movie Poovellam Ketepar.

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So Vasant will be harsh and scold Surya. Similarly, Vasant scolds Jyotika severely. Jyotika gets angry and sits in a corner crying.

For that she acted in Amma En Ponnu Shankar. He will say about Nakma that such a great director has never scolded her and will ask why are you scolding her like this. Jyotika used to act in tears till she acted in Poovellam Keteparr.

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