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Nothing Phone 1 gets a new bug-fixing Android 13 beta update


A new hotfix OTA is rolling out to beta testers

Nothing has been working on a stable Android 13 release for the Nothing Phone 1 for some time now, and the company had already rolled out two Open Beta builds. Just within a week after the second Nothing OS 1.5 beta was released for the phone, the OEM has now started seeding another fresh beta with a focus on system stability. However, instead of being a full-fledged release, the new build is rolling out as a hotfix on top of the second beta.

Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta 2 hotfix

As per multiple reports on Reddit and our forums, Nothing is delivering a fresh new beta build to the beta participants. The internal build number of the new release is TKQ1.220915.002/1673708663, which is slightly newer than the OB2’s build tag (TKQ1.220915.002/1673363378). Since this is a hotfix, there’s no alternation in the changelog or in the underlying security patch level. With that said, the new update does address some UI glitches present in the previous beta builds, such as the amount of RAM incorrectly shown as 11GB on the 12GB variant.

For the unaware, Nothing recently made an important change in its OTA mechanism. Since Nothing OS 1.5.1, e.g. the second Open Beta, the global and European firmware packages are now unified. As a result, you just need a single update package for servicing every regional build of Nothing OS out there. This will greatly streamline the OTA delivery process, especially after the phone’s US debut.

In case you are already a part of the beta initiative or are planning to sideload the update, you should note that the pre-release version of the software tends to be unstable and you might encounter some bugs here and there. You can report any problems you face in the company’s Discord server to ensure that they’re ironed out in time for the stable release.

As usual with such updates, the rollout may be staged, so it could take a few days until all Nothing Phone 1 units out there in the wild receive theirs. No need to worry, though, as you can visit our Nothing OS update tracker and get the new build installed on your phone manually.

Source: XDA forums, Reddit


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