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Ever since Carl Pei-backed startup Nothing unveiled the Nothing Phone 1 to the world, it’s been making headlines for all sorts of reasons. Its “Glyph” lighting interface got a lot of attention, as did Nothing’s aspiration of deep integration with the NFT ecosystem and third-party platforms like Tesla. The Nothing Phone 1 boots Android 12-based Nothing OS out of the box, while Android 13 is available for the device as an Open Beta. During the launch, the company also promised three years of Android upgrades and four years of security updates delivered every two months.

Unlike Google, Nothing doesn’t follow a fixed update frequency for its Phone 1. Nonetheless, it rolls out updates quite frequently, at least to date for its one phone. This article will help our readers in keeping track of Nothing OS updates for the Nothing Phone 1.

Nothing OS regional variants

For the first generation Nothing OS (based on Android 12), Nothing maintains two distinct regional variants for Nothing OS. The “EEA” version is meant for European countries, as it reflects the requirements of the EU ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The other version (hereinafter referred to as the global variant) can be found on Asian and Australian units.

Owners of the Nothing Phone 1 can easily check the region parameter by running the following command in ADB shell or a Terminal Emulator app:


This will return “SpacewarEEA” if the device comes with the European firmware. On global models, the output should be “Spacewar” only.

While it is technically possible to cross-flash a different regional firmware, only attempt it if you know what you’re doing.

Since Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta 2, the two regional update variants have been merged in order to streamline the servicing backend. As a result, both the global and European variants will switch to a unified OTA, starting with Android 13.

Nothing Phone 1 update index

Nothing follows a typical staged rollout model, which means a new update is randomly pushed to a limited number of users first. A broader rollout usually takes a few days after the company makes sure there are no critical bugs. You can, however, skip the waiting queue and flash the update manually after downloading the appropriate OTA package for your model from the table below.

The builds are sorted in chronological order, with the newest one at the top. Since the internal build fingerprints usually differ across global and European firmware packages, we also mention partial build strings corresponding to every release for easy identification. For example, if the full build fingerprint is Nothing/SpacewarEEA/Spacewar:12/SKQ1.211230.001/1657910681:user/release-keys, you should be able to find the SKQ1.211230.001/1657910681 part in the index below.

Nothing OS 1.5 (Android 13)

Nothing OS 1 (Android 12)

Software version and update channel

Full update package

Incremental update package

Added on/Status last updated

Nothing OS 1 Stable

Nothing OS 1.1.7 Hotfix

  • Global:
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1669706700

December 15, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.7

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1669043167
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1669043157

November 30, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.6

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1666412462
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1666412468

October 31, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.5

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1665224106
  • EEA:
  • Global
  • EEA
    • Incremental from 1.1.4 Hotfix

October 20, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.4 Hotfix

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1663771117
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1663735507

September 28, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.4

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1663076245
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1663076289

September 17, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.3

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1660378130
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1660378121

August 23, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.2

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1658940711
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1658940712

August 3, 2022

Nothing OS 1.1.0

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1657907422
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1657910681

July 20, 2022

Nothing OS 1.0.2

  • Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1657023912
  • EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1657024044

July 15, 2022


Thankfully, Nothing makes it pretty easy to install these updates yourself through a process known as sideloading. Essentially, this means that you’ll download the relevant update packages and install them, instead of waiting for them to arrive over the air.

You can learn how to sideload Nothing OS OTA updates on your Nothing Phone 1 by visiting our dedicated guide.

We’ll be updating this index with links to newer Nothing OS builds, so check back again in the future!


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