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Nothing rules out launching a foldable phone in the future and prefers to focus on the Nothing Phone (2)

Carl Pei has stated in an interview that Nothing has no plans to launch a foldable phone and that he believes it is an innovation that users have not asked for.

Nothing rules out launching a foldable phone in the future and prefers to focus on the Nothing Phone (2)
Design of the Nothing Phone (2).

Nothing is one of the alternative manufacturers that gives the most talk. Since the birth of the company, the good work that they have shown as much as with the Nothing Phone (1)as with the No ear (1) They have left both our editors, and those who have tried these devices, with a good taste in their mouths.

The Nothing Phone (2) is already on the way and every day is closer to being a reality. for now we already know its design and, according to statements by its CEO, Carl Pei, collected in Android AuthorityIt seems that they are focused on making it a success. so much that They do not even consider creating folding phones.

Nothing is not for phones that fold

Although it is true that it seems that 2023 is the year of the foldingWith many manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon (or improving their offerings) in the flexible screen terminal sector, it is true that for now these phones are not liked by everyone and are still considered for a niche audience.

The reasons for this are very diverse, but that does not mean that almost everyone is launching themselves as if there was no tomorrow to manufacture them. Nevertheless, Carl Pei says that Nothing is not in it now. The CEO of the company has spoken openly of his lack of interest in launching a foldable phone, saying that if they do, “it won’t be soon”:

I don’t think users are going around saying “hey, that would be awesome if my phone could fold up”. I think it’s an innovation that manufacturers are imposing on users.

In this way, the rumors that could be around a possible folding Nothing Phone they end with a stroke of the pen. According to Pei, they are now focused on other things. However, we all know that in the technology industry the winds change quickly, which could force the hand of the company in the direction that they do not want to take now.

However, Pei says that they are now focused on the Nothing Phone (2) and that sell at least the same as the Nothing Phone (1).

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