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Now it is much easier

Microsoft has a new way to reinstall Windows 11 that will save users time and effort

Microsoft completely changes the way to reinstall Windows 11: it's now much easier
Microsoft wants to completely end the slow and tedious process of reinstalling Windows 11.

Windows 11 has been a huge change for Microsoft. The advances that have come with this new version of its operating system have not stopped growing. In the last week, those from Redmond have just completely changed the way they reinstall Windows 11 to make the process much easier.

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Windows 11 that allows you to reinstall the operating system directly from Windows Update. This feature was created to simplify reinstallation windows 11offering a faster and more comfortable experience to users who want to restore your PC.

What has Microsoft changed about the way you reinstall Windows 11? Now it is much easier

When it comes to recovering a computer with Windows 11, there are several courses of action, although some of them are really tedious to do and, therefore, are usually the last option. Microsoft wants, from now on, recovering a computer with Windows 11 is really easy.

The main change that this new feature offers is its speed. There will be no need to wait for hours for your computer to update with Windows 11, everything will happen in a matter of minutes and, of course, the files will be safe.

It has been thanks to latest Windows It has been possible to see how this feature will work once it is available. In the Recovery section a new option will appear that will allow you to “reinstall your current version of Windows”.

By accepting everything corresponding, what will happen is that the version of Windows will be downloaded and installed on the computer respecting applications, files and all settings previous events prior to this recovery process.

Reinstalling Windows 11 from Windows Update is a simple and efficient way to restore your PC to a previous state, eliminating potential performance, security or stability issues caused by applications or faulty configurations.

Yes indeed, it will be necessary to have a backup of the files in order to avoid any type of problem that may arise when restoring the OS. That aside, it’s interesting to see how Microsoft is taking baby steps to make users have a lot more options in Windows 11.

The availability of the feature is still a mystery, although rumors indicate that it would arrive during the first three months of 2024. We won’t have to wait too long to see first-hand how this feature works for Windows 11.

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