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On video, Tesla’s new FSD system in action

On video, Tesla’s new FSD system in action


According to experts, by far the best self-driving system is the V12.

In addition to ushering in a new era in the history of car manufacturing, Tesla remains indebted to an old promise to this day. In 2016, Elon Musk made a concrete commitment for the first time regarding the fact that within a few years we will even be able to sleep in our car with its self-driving system operating.

As usual, the debut took place in 2019, after several extensions. Although there was a lot of anticipation before the release, due to the immaturity of the technology, many problems appeared almost immediately after the release, and even after several improved versions, we still cannot be completely satisfied with the result.

Now it seems that with the release of the new V12 FSD, there is an opportunity in the life of the company to grind out the blemishes that have been present for years, which have been surrounded by many scandalous accidents in the recent past. Although several people have praised the new version, confirming that Tesla has indeed made a qualitative leap in the development of technology, it will still not be enough for the fully self-driving system to literally live up to the expectations set by its name.

A video of the operation of the new system was released this week. The footage shows a Tesla navigating through a construction site with a bevy of workers and large equipment in the way of the self-driving car. After slowly surveying the terrain, the vehicle finally passes an excavator without making a mistake.

Later, after a few correct turns, the car driving in FSD mode passes through a side street that requires routine driving, with cars parked in the opposite lane. In visibly tight spaces, the Tesla handles situations that are not easy from a driving technique point of view well, almost without exception.

According to YouTuber AI DRIVRR, who tested the V12, they have made progress in several ways in terms of fixing previous shortcomings. Speed ​​control is better, the driver is less stressed due to the operation, there is no need to override the use of the gas pedal, there are significantly fewer problems with unexpected stops and the use of turn signals has also improved significantly. What the tester formulates as criticism is that, although there are significantly fewer unwarranted stops, they still occur in some cases.

Although Elon Musk has repeatedly made exaggeratedly optimistic statements, the development of technology is nowhere near as fast as he has been saying for a few years. However, as AI DRIVR suggests, FSD isn’t ready for full use until it can complete virtually all driving without switching off. His latest test shows that FSD is not here yet.



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