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OneDrive will no longer let you upload files from URLs

OneDrive will no longer let you upload files from URLs


The support will end at the end of this month!

Key Takeaways

  • Uploading from URLs feature in OneDrive will be discontinued on March 29, 2024, due to low usage and high maintenance costs.
  • Files uploaded from URLs won’t be impacted by the change, ensuring existing data remains untouched.
  • Despite dropping the URL upload feature, upcoming AI capabilities like Copilot enhance the user experience.

While Microsoft keeps adding new features to OneDrive to improve the overall experience, the company doesn’t shy away from removing something users don’t find useful. According to Microsoft, the ability to upload files to OneDrive directly from URLs is one such feature that not many users benefit from and, therefore, is being discontinued.

Why and when is Microsoft dropping support for uploading files from URLs?

Uploading files to OneDrive directly from URLs is currently available as a preview for OneDrive Personal. However, due to low usage and high maintenance costs, Microsoft will not support the feature come March 29, 2024. As stated by Microsoft, it can stop working any time after the said date without any warning.

How are users impacted?

The change will impact everyone who loves the convenience of uploading directly to OneDrive from URLs. The change does not impact the files you uploaded to OneDrive from URLs. Those files will continue to exist post-March 29 unless, of course, you delete them.

For those who think that the feature doesn’t align with their workflow, none of this changes anything for you. You can continue to enjoy easy file sharing, integration with Microsoft Office programs, and AES256 encryption that make OneDrive one of the best cloud storage services.


Microsoft Copilot: What is it, and how does it work?

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More useful features are coming soon to OneDrive

Windows Copilot in Windows 11

While dropping support for the file upload functionality might disappoint some users, Microsoft has major AI capabilities planned for its cloud storage service. One of them is allowing you to let Copilot dig through files to answer queries. Copilot in OneDrive will also summarize your documents. And all this is coming next month.



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