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Only that place is hanging!

Only that place is hanging!


Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Reshma Pasupuletty initially worked in Telugu television. She started her career as a newsreader and serial actress.

Married and settled in London. But Reshma came to India after she separated from her husband due to differences of opinion. Since then he has been acting in Tamil serials.

He has been acting in serials for more than 10 years. Reshma has also acted in small roles in films. Vimal also acted in the popular web series, Animal.

Currently, Pakiyalakshmi has become famous among the small screen fans with her serial. She is an actress who is riding a double horse in movies and serials.

Reshma, who is also interested in modeling, has been posting pictures on her social media pages showing off her curves in sarees and sexy tops.

In that way, Reshma’s new photos have made fans want to zoom in.

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