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Parthiban chased away Vadivelu and took the scene!. Oh that comedy was a big hit!..

Actor parthiban: Vadivelu started acting in cinema with En Rasa’s Manasile. After that he became famous among the fans by playing small roles in some films including Devar Magan, Chinna Counter, Singaravelan. At one point, he started acting more in village stories.

In some of the films, he made the fans laugh by playing the role of taking a kick from Goundamani. At one stage he became a prominent comedy actor and acted in several films. Vadivelu took the place even though he stopped acting in Kaundamani cinema.

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Even though Vadivel has acted in comedy with many actors, his on-screen skits with Parthipan were greatly enjoyed by the fans. The comedy scenes that the two have done together in many films like Vetrikkodi Kattu, Bharti Kannamma, Unnaruge Naan Tada made the fans laugh heartily.

Because Vadivelu played the role of innocent and Parthiphan played the role of making him stifle by speaking like an idiot. That too, Parthiban Vachi’s Vadivelu, who returns to Dubai in Vetrikkodi Kattu, is a favorite among comedy fans.

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In one scene of the film, Benjamin scolds Vadivelu. But he didn’t exactly cast Vadivelu Benjamin, who didn’t like scolding him like that. After knowing this, Parthiban called Vadivelu and the car driver who was there and told them to ‘take Vadivelu for 5 kilometers and come back’.

Then he told Benjamin, ‘There is no Vadivelu now. Design the camera. Benjamin also has the wisdom to say, ‘Shout whatever you want’. The scene of Benjamin scolding Vadivelu was a huge hit with the fans. It is noteworthy that Benjamin had told this information in one of the media.

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