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Parthiban, who wanted to do research with Dhanush… the actor who thought it was enough to escape… did all this happen??


“Beginning” starring Gauri Kisan, Rohini, Vinod Kisan, Mahendran, Chalappovatu Yaru Bala, is soon to hit the theaters. The movie will be the first split screen movie in Asia.



This means that half of the screen is one film and the rest of the screen is another film. At some point the stories of these two movies will meet at the same point. Thus Asia’s new venture “Beginning” is directed by Jagan Vijaya. The film will be released by Lingusamy on behalf of Tirupati Brothers.

The special trailer of the film was recently screened. Then director Parthiban attended and saw the film. Parthiban, who is known for innovation in Tamil cinema, praised the crew after watching the movie “Beginning”.



Then Parthiban shared a new information that no one knew. Many years ago, Parthiban narrated a Split Screen style story like “Beginning” to actor Dhanush. Hearing that story, Dhanush dragged on for months without giving any decision. After that, Parthibane decided that Dhanush would not act in it and gave up the effort.



Also, Vethimaran told him that he wanted to cast Parthipan in the movie “Aadukalam”. But Parthiban refused to act in that film. Webpachu Anthanan has shared this information in his video.

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