EntertainmentPathuma! Nikuthu without support!.. Jhanvi shows her beauty!..

Pathuma! Nikuthu without support!.. Jhanvi shows her beauty!..



Janhvi Kapoor, the elder daughter of late South Indian lady superstar Sridevi, is trending in the internet world right now.



We cannot go through any social media pages without his photos. He has become so popular. He made his debut in the Hindi film world with the 2018 film Tadak.



After that, Janhvi, who has been acting in many films, acted in the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Kolamavu Kokila.



Negotiations to act in a film opposite Tamil actor Dhanush were unsuccessful. Janhvi, who is constantly throwing charms on social media, is winning over fans.



In this situation, some photos like Utema showing her frontal beauty are going viral on the Twitter page.


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