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PBKS: “Sorry… we took the wrong player!” – Punjab Kings who played Kabaddi in auction!

The mini auction for the IPL 2024 series was held on December 19 in Dubai. In this mini-auction, the Punjab Kings tried to backtrack after bidding for a player, claiming that they had bid for the wrong player.

Punjab Kings

Harshal Patel, Chris Woakes and Riley Rousseau were picked by the Punjab team in the mini-auction. The bidding process was accelerated when all the teams took enough players. Accordingly, the teams were to write down the names of the players they wanted and they were the only ones to be auctioned. It was then that local player Sashang Singh was announced for a base price of 20 lakhs. Soon the Punjab team bought him for the same price. But as soon as he was bought, there was an uproar in the Punjab table.

They appealed to the auctioneer Mallika Sagar that we have taken another player instead of the one we should have bought. Mallika said that nothing can be changed as the auction has been announced and the player has been sold.

In this regard, the Punjab Kings team has also given an explanation on Twitter. It said, ‘We would like to clarify a few things. Sashang Singh made it to our wishlist. The reason for the confusion was that there were two players with the same name. We have taken exactly the player we wanted to take. He has done some great work.

We are delighted to have Sashang in the team. We look forward to seeing him contribute to the team’s success.’ As the Punjab team has explained.

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