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pCloud packs up to 10TB of encrypted storage that expands your Mac into one lifetime purchase (save up to 85%)

Sure, Apple will give you 5GB of cloud storage for life, but what if you actually want to use cloud space to store things? You could submit to monthly subscription payments with increasing rates for the rest of all time. Or better yet, you can save a massive 85% on up to 10 terabytes of lifetime storage with our friends at pCloud.

Why pCloud?

The truth is you can never have too much cloud storage. Even if you happily pay for subscription storage services, adding a gigantic bucket of pCloud storage to your battle chest is the smart strategy.

Expand your Mac storage

With pCloud, you can extend your Mac storage way beyond the limits of your SSD. pCloud Drive integrates directly in the Finder, too, so you can access all your files and media as if it were locally stored.

Back up your Mac

The folks at pCloud aren’t just wizards at expanding your Mac storage. They also make backing up your Mac in real time fast and seamless. The best part is pCloud Drive enables you to access backed-up data for up to a full year. It’s fast and automatic. No need to shuffle through physical drives and worry about forgetting or sticking to a schedule.

File versioning

Nothing empowers you more against data loss than file versioning, and pCloud Drive builds it right into your storage. pCloud automatically stores revisions to files and your whole library so you can revert backup to 30 days ago if needed. This is a must-have feature for those times when you might accidentally make a catastrophic change to something that you couldn’t otherwise recover.

Access from anywhere

Want to access your massive catalog of files and media from anywhere? The truth is in the pCloud. You can summon your pCloud Drive securely on the web from another computer, and pCloud makes great iPhone and iPad apps so you’re never without your data.


What about file sharing, you ask? You guessed it. pCloud builds collaboration and easy file sharing right into pCloud Drive. This lets you put all that cloud storage to work by letting you work with others.


Most importantly, data security matters most to pCloud. From TLS/SSL encryption to storing your data on at least three server locations at a time, pCloud protects your information. Client-side encryption means only you have the keys to decrypt your data, not pCloud, and you can easily password protect files for an added layer of security from prying eyes.

Save up to 85% for a limited time

Now is the best time to save on your lifetime pCloud Drive purchase. For a limited time, pCloud is offering 9to5Mac readers up to a whopping 85% discount on one-time purchases of pCloud Drive.

  • 500GB for $139 (reg. $570)
  • 2TB for $279 (reg. $1,140)
  • 10TB for $890 (reg. $6,000)

So free yourself from the confines of monthly subscription storage and take advantage of this limited deal offer from pCloud. Join the over 18 million people who have already put pCloud to work for them, including companies like LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

You can also keep up with the latest from pCloud on Facebook and Twitter.

Start saving now and say goodbye to the fear of ever losing your data.

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