Home Android News Pierce Brosnan gives Aaron Taylor-Johnson the OK to play James Bond

Pierce Brosnan gives Aaron Taylor-Johnson the OK to play James Bond

Pierce Brosnan gives Aaron Taylor-Johnson the OK to play James Bond


There are already several sources that point to the British as the next 007

Pierce Brosnan gives Aaron Taylor-Johnson the OK to play James Bond
Aaron Tylor-Johnson has what it takes, according to former James Bond

Who was the most famous British secret agent in the world during four films spanning from 1995 to 2002, Pierce BrosnanI would agree that they be fulfilled the rumors current ones that place the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the next member of MI6, James Bondin the film that has been in preparation since Daniel Craig starred in the last film in 2021.

When asked about it on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Irish radio RTE Radio 1the actor of Ow mom! oh Mrs. Doubtfire He recalled having already worked with Taylor-Johnson and assures that “the man He has the talent, the charisma and the ability to play Bond, very clearly.” Of course said the same thing just a few days ago about Cillian Murphysomething that seemed more like a praise than a blessing, especially now that we know that the protagonist of oppenheimer is about to start recording the adaptation of The blood runs coal.

“One of the first films we made, one of the first, was The biggest“Brosnan said, talking about one of his production company’s first films, Irish DreamTime. “And he it was the best in her. “So, yeah, I read the news about him being Bond, so I would definitely take my hat off to him,” she added.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson neither confirms nor denies

For his part, the actor Bullet train that of Kraven the Hunteralthough for many is and will always be Kick-AssHe did not want to comment on the matter, limiting himself to saying, as reported by Rolling Stone, that “I can only really talk about the things that I am going to show and tell. I don’t feel that I need to have a future mapped out for myself. I feel that: what Whatever it is laid out for me, I can do it better.”

All Bond will come to Movistar Plus+

Starting next day April 11almost all James Bond, since it will be missing No time to diecan be seen on Movistar Plus+. In addition, Movistar Plus+ will celebrate the arrival of agent 007 on the platform with a special channel, James Bond on M+ (dial 15), dedicated entirely to the character.

They will also be available in the on-demand service other content related to special agent like a television movie, parody or documentary which narrates the intrastory of the saga films as well as the self-produced special Requirements to be James Bond. This will break down all the elements necessary to be the perfect 007 agent given the current expectation that the election of the next Bond is generating.

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