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Poliex in Kecskemét improved its capacity with new machine lines

Poliex in Kecskemét improved its capacity with new machine lines


In terms of magnitude, they can spend an average of HUF 100 million on various developments every year.

Poliext Kft. in Kecskemét, which mainly deals with pipe production, has developed its capacity with new machine lines with the help of European Union support of about HUF 493 million.

Róbert Balog, the financial director of the company, said: with a 70 percent support intensity for the development, they won about HUF 345 million in the tender of the Operational Program for Economic Development and Innovation, the remaining amount was financed from their own resources and an investment loan.

With the help of the tender, they bought an automatic pipe production machine line for rewinding pre-manufactured pipe coils, as well as an equipment for mixing the raw materials of the injection molding technology. The plant building was also remodeled as part of the project.

Róbert Balog emphasized: the utilization of the capacity of the pipe manufacturing plant was already 85-90 percent, with the technological investment they were able to increase the capacity by 30 percent. On the one hand, the real estate investment was necessary for technological and capacity expansion, and on the other hand, it represents an opportunity to further increase capacity, added the financial manager.

Poliext Kft. started operating in 1991 in Matkópustán near Kecskemét. It deals with the production of plastic pipes, pipe fittings, and quick-connect fittings, as well as manufactures and simultaneously distributes building engineering and irrigation technical elements in its retail and wholesale units.

They currently export to 32 countries, mainly to the European Union, but they also have customers in North Africa and Mexico. Their main goal is to further strengthen exports. 55 percent of their sales revenue comes from pipe production, 25 percent from fitting production, and 20 percent from the trade of other products.

In the past year, about 7 million meters of agricultural pipes, 8.7 million meters of drip pipes, 2.7-2.7 million meters of KPE drinking water pipes and protective pipes, and 3.5 million pieces of KPE fittings were manufactured.

Róbert Balog emphasized: they can spend an average of HUF 100 million annually on various developments. They had a huge need for investment support, because they could not have carried out such a large-scale development on their own.

“We were unable to implement a price increase on the market last year, on the other hand, there was a significant increase in costs and inflation, so we ended an extremely difficult year, and we do not expect a significant improvement in 2024 either,” said the financial manager.

Evaluating the economic situation in 2022 and 2023, he said: it was extremely unpredictable, variable and therefore difficult to plan. Last year, their sales fell by 4.5 percent. Domestic demand decreased, but they were able to increase exports. Their efficiency deteriorated by about 30 percent, the decisive factor in this was the drastic rise in energy prices. Their energy costs increased by more than HUF 450 million in 2023 – explained Róbert Balog.

According to publicly available company data, the net sales revenue of Poliext Kft. in Kecskemét, which employs approximately one hundred and fifty employees, was HUF 5.87 billion in 2021 and HUF 7.32 billion in 2022, of which approximately 15 percent came from export sales. The company closed with a profit of 109 million forints in 2021, and more than 165 million forints in 2022.



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