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Porsche unveils revamped CarPlay experience with climate controls and more

Porsche has announced a major update to support for CarPlay in its cars, saying that it is “the first automotive manufacturer to allow for easier access of vehicle functions within CarPlay.”

With a tie-in to the My Porsche app on iPhone, Porsche owners will be able to control things like climate settings and more via the CarPlay infotainment screen. Unfortunately, this isn’t the next-gen CarPlay update many users have been asking for…

Porsche says that a new version of the My Porsche app “combines vehicle functions with the CarPlay experience.” Essentially, the company is making these features available via the My Porsche App, which is also now accessible via the CarPlay interface.

Using the My Porsche app, drivers can adjust settings, including audio preferences, radio stations, climate control, and ambient lighting. The app will also let users access Porsche’s wellness modes via quick actions, including things like “relax,” “warm up,” and “refresh.” The app also ties in with Siri control for controlling these vehicle features.

In a press release, Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital and CIO of Porsche AG, said:

We are excited to further improve the My Porsche App and using the capabilities of Apple CarPlay to deliver a truly enhanced customer experience. Technology and digitization are crucial factors for the enduring fascination of our brand – now and in the next 75 years.

The company explains:

The My Porsche App is the hub for the digital management and control of a Porsche vehicle. For example, it shows the state of charge of the vehicle battery, can adjust the air conditioning and send destinations to the navigation system. What’s more, the My Porsche App links existing accounts with third-party providers, for example Apple Music, to the associated apps in Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

For Porsche drivers, this new experience can be activated by scanning a QR code in the Porsche Communication Management software in their car. The feature is available with the 2024 Porsche Cayenne to start, but the automaker says “it will be rolled out to other model lines” in the future.

Here are the release notes for the latest version of the My Porsche app on the App Store:

Experience the My Porsche in Apple CarPlay® integration in your new Cayenne:

You can now enjoy the vehicle-specific user experience within Apple’s digital ecosystem. This will allow numerous vehicle features to be controlled directly in CarPlay®.

Furthermore, the update includes the following functions:

Vehicle status widget: Have the most important vehicle information directly on your homescreen

Newly adapted EV Services for the new Cayenne PHEV models

Intelligent climatization: This service reminds you, depending on the weather and in good time before your departure, to air condition your vehicle to the desired temperature. This is made possible after a learning phase in frequently used places.

9to5Mac’s Take

This is an interesting solution on Porsche’s behalf for making core vehicle features available via CarPlay.

The elephant in the room is Apple’s next-generation CarPlay platform, which will expand CarPlay with incredibly deep integration with in-car features. This includes things like climate control, gauge clusters, and more. Today’s announcement from Porsche, however, indicates that it is not imminently planning to adopt next-generation CarPlay.

In an ideal world, Porsche would adopt next-gen CarPlay to make these features accessible without using the My Porsche app. But in the interim, this is a clever solution.

Apple announced next-gen CarPlay at WWDC 2022, but it hasn’t revealed any further details since that announcement. Originally, the company said that the new CarPlay experience would be available sometime in late 2023.

Whether or not that timeline is still the plan remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure: GM drivers won’t get the upgraded CarPlay experience. Neither will Tesla drivers. Nor will Rivian drivers.

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