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Pradeep did unwanted work in the bathroom! Kamal was shocked by giving the right punishment

BiggBoss Season 7: The Bigg Boss Season 7 show on Vijay TV is going on in full swing. The contestants inside keep creating a curiosity among the people to see what happens every week.

In today’s episode of Kamal, there will be some unexpected twists. When the entire house mates are already on a killing spree for Pradeep, Pradeep stood up to Mallu saying that he would not say sorry even if Kamal sir came and asked him to say goodbye to Kool Suresh.

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Apart from that, he earned the hatred of his fellow contestants by speaking bad words. I would do the same if asked about it. I will be like this. Pradeep is only speaking these words as if he could not finish.

This at one point made Pradeep very angry. Fans were registering on the internet that Kamal must give proper advice to Pradeep who has done an unbearable incident for the last 5 days.

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In this situation, Jovika, Annabharathi, Mani, Poornima, Vishnu, Maya, Nixon stood up and gave their opinions to ask who will raise the red flag against Pradeep in the promo released today.

Vishnu also said that Jovika said that she spoke a lot of bad words and that Pradeep passed some comments about my half-witted rope.

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The promo video has been released as Pradeep says in front of Kamal that he kept the door open while going to the bathroom and said, ‘Yes, I did that because I wanted to’. After listening to all this, ‘Well, what do you think I should judge for this?’ Kamal asks the other contestants.

So, watching the promo, it seems that there may be some unexpected twists in today’s Kamal episode.

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