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Premalatha told me on stage! Not even able to go to the bathroom alone – Radharavi’s secret

Actor Radharavi: Vijayakanth’s funeral was auspicious with 72 gunshots at his DMudika office. The funeral was solemnized in the presence of many political leaders.

In this situation, after paying tribute to Vijayakanth, actor Radharavi had shared some things in the interview. In the interviews he has given, he has said that Vijayakanth is often caught rather than seen.

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But today Radharavi and Vagai Chandrasekhar came to pay homage to Vijayakanth. Then Premalatha said to Radharavi, ‘I have called you many times. I have phoned the captain to come and see him. But unable to contact you. You keep saying that you are not allowed to see it often,’ he said on the stage.

When Radharavi mentioned this, that mother said so. What will they do? Almost 10 years of struggle. Radharavi said that if Viji has been with her and fought, then I will appreciate that mother.

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And Viji’s amnesia was going away little by little. Radharavi went to Vijayakanth’s house to ask for votes for the election. Who is this after seeing Radharavi? Vijayakanth asked. Immediately, Radharavi said that you should not come to vote.

Radharavi said that he did not know how he became like this. At one time, Premalatha shaved everything for Vijayakanth. When you see it, it seems as if Premalatha would have done everything even if he went to the bathroom.

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It seems that Viji was in a position where he could not even do his job. One should really appreciate Premalatha. Radharavi said that he has been a great farmer.

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