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Prey, the prequel to Predator, is the most successful premiere in Hulu history

“Production”prequel “Predator”became the most successful premiere in history Hulu – for the first three days of the tape collected record number of views among all series and films on the streaming service.
By the way, before “Production” the most successful launch on Hulu in the US showed show about Kardashian.

In addition, the Predator prequel became the most viewed premiere on services Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other regions. The specific number of hours of viewing is not disclosed.

The premiere of “Production”, we recall, took place on August 5 on the Hulu service – on the same day it became available and soundtrack to the tape. The film was directed by Dan Trachtenberg (“Cloverfield, 10”), and the music for it wrote Sara Schachner (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla).

The plot of “Prey” takes place 300 years before the events of the original. This time, the Predator, who first appeared on Earth, will face a representative of the Comanche tribe named Naru. She will have to fight him to protect her loved ones.

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