Android Newsprices have not peaked and Apple will raise its...

prices have not peaked and Apple will raise its record


Everything seems to indicate that there will be an ‘iPhone Ultra’ among the next generation Apple, but it also seems that it will be ultra-expensive and will further raise the bar for prices that have no ceiling.

The attack of ultra-expensive mobile phones: prices have not peaked and Apple will raise its record
If the iPhone 14 seems expensive to you, wait until you see the next generation of Apple.

We already mentioned a few months ago that expensive phones have never been so expensiveand the truth is that it seems that the upward trend will not change at least in the coming monthssince the global market will continue to suffer from a rising inflation with no solutions to geopolitical tensions and other supply problems in sight.

In fact, it is that according to the popular Bloomberg’s Mark GurmanIt does not matter that the industry lives its worst moment in 10 years or what sales have fallen dramaticallywell Apple is the only one that holds the pull and, therefore, it will also be the first to dare to raise prices significantly to maintain their margins of business and profit.

And they can, of course, because his legion of fans will follow behind and because iPhones are not just smartphones, or at least they are phones with a special aura, although above all they will be able to raise prices because Apple thinks people are willing to pay more for the device they use the most in their day to day.

Tim Cook acknowledges to his investors that they will raise prices with the iPhone 15, and also confirms that they will do so because he believes that his users are willing to pay more for an iPhone.

For the first time, Apple talks about mobile phones Ultra

Be next March 10 when Apple holds its annual meeting with shareholders, in which Tim Cook and his people, with director Kate Adams at the helm, will present the next movements and strategies of the company to curry favor with the market and pass high-level decisions at Apple.

In any case, Some of the guidelines have already been transcendingso the aforementioned Mark Gurman spoke to us in the words of Tim Cook himself that Apple believes that the latest Galaxy S23 are boringand that his legion of fanboys would be willing to pay more for the best iPhone, even more luxurious models they would be on the launch pad.

It’s the first time that Apple talks about an iPhone Ultra openly, after introducing ourselves to the Apple Watch Ultra as their wearable more advanced and therefore extremely expensivesomething that makes us think about an iPhone 15 Ultra of the highest level in materials and hardwarewhich also increases its price stratospherically.

Tim Cook claims that the increase in the average sale price of iPhones is sustainableand that nothing happens to continue increasing these costs that, since 2017 when a first-rate iPhone X cost 1,150 dollars, have risen to more than 1,600 dollars that an iPhone 14 Pro Max costs of the top of the range.

I think people are willing to put in a lot of effort to get the best they can hit in this category. The iPhone has become an integral part of people’s lives. Consumers now use the device to make payments, control smart home appliances, manage their health, and store bank details. Tim Cook

The problem is basically justify that price increaseand Cook argues for it not only with more exclusive designs, materials or options, but also with new functions of which nothing has been said.

Obviously, a foldable iPhone with last name Ultra would be imaginablebut we don’t think Apple is in this game yet, so the experts are talking about new levels of product with a range of materials, processors and more performance cameras including top-tier lenses and even periscopes which until now had not been used in iPhone.

We will see How does Apple approach it?especially now that Jony Ive is not around to lead the industrial design team, but what is clear to us is that Apple plans to raise the price bar and that will involve justifying to users why they should update with new options and a new concept premiumwhatever this is…

And you, what do you think Apple is preparing for us?

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