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Purchasing an iPhone is now quicker for AT&T and T-Mobile customers

For the longest time, when users would try to buy an iPhone in the US, they’d have to provide their mobile numbers and last four digits of their Social Security Numbers (SSN). The carrier would then run a credit check before Apple approves the purchase. This made the buying process a bit longer for both online and in-store customers. Though, it seems that the company has finally dropped this requirement for select users when buying the iPhone SE 3. AT&T and T-Mobile customers can now buy their iPhones in a straightforward manner. They can then enter the data when they boot their devices for the first time. This spares them having to wait to get their hands on their new phones. This fresh policy will take effect starting March 29, and Apple has already informed its staff about it. This change will also affect Verizon customers eventually.

As per a Bloomberg report, Apple is now resorting to “on-device authentication” for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. It’s unclear why the company has only chosen these two carriers. However, Verizon customers will reportedly be able to take advantage of this new process in the future. While this change only affects iPhone SE 3 purchases for now, the company could be planning to apply it on all iPhone models in the future.

It’s worth mentioning that this quicker iPhone purchasing experience is limited to existing customers, states AT&T. So if you’re now switching to one of the eligible carriers, you won’t be able to take advantage of the quicker purchasing process. It’s unclear when and if this change will affect other iPhone models. The new policy already applies to online purchases, with in-store purchases to follow on March 29.

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