EntertainmentPut something on and cover up darling!.. Laslia is...

Put something on and cover up darling!.. Laslia is warming up in a skirt jacket..


Actress Laslia is popular among fans through Bigg Boss show. He is from Sri Lanka. There he worked as a newsreader in Tamil Television.


He also became interested in acting and modeling, so he came to Tamil Nadu and tried. It was then that he got an opportunity to participate in Bigg Boss. The actor romanced Gavin in the Bigg Boss house and set the Bigg Boss TRP on fire.


When he was in the Bigg Boss house, it was expected that he would act in a movie after the show.


Similarly, he got some film opportunities. However, the film was not well received by the fans.


So, she is looking for opportunities in cinema by posting pictures on social media wearing attractive clothes.


In this case, as a Pongal party, she has delighted her fans by posing in a skirt and jacket.



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