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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Hardwood Refinishing Service

 You may be tired of the old appearance of your wooden floor, probably it is time you get it refinished. A wooden floor is a continuous target of an excessive amount of dirt, and it accumulates tons of it over the years and loses its shine. The summer is almost over, which is the best season for such activities. Before it gets cold and shady hire the best refinishing services in the market to finish your floor. You should ask the following questions before you hire a company for refinishing work. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Are you a member of NWFA?

The best hardwood floor refinishing services in Chesterfield County VA always has the membership of the national wood flooring association (NWFA). Having a membership of a credible body ensures that the standards are followed as demanded by NWFA. The more certifications a company has the better it is. If you want quality work, then you ought to hunt down companies with relevant certifications.

Do you have referrals? 

Referrals are extremely important and still most people hire companies with referrals. The objective of hiring a company with this method is to find someone that you can trust. You would often have noticed that people always demand it from a professional hardwood floor refinishing service. Good companies comply with the request and sometimes they even show them their past projects to find a common ground during the discussion.

What is your lead time?

Lead time is the period a company gives you to finish the job. If you want the refinishing work all over your home, then probably a company may require several days. An extended period might not be good for you due to work or some other reason. This situation makes it rather an important question. If the company in question doesn’t satisfy you, then other options should be explored.

Are you insured?

Insurances are important for residential and commercial projects. Since the commercial projects are bigger, therefore it may have a greater impact on commercial projects. The insurances protect you from unwanted damages. In case of accidental damage, you would want compensation and only a company having suitable insurance is the best choice. Although several companies may offer insurances, but you need to filter out the best option.

What is the expected cost?

Cost questions are always necessary and you need to confirm it before giving away the contract. The best and most common approach is asking for the estimates. The companies might not be able to give you the desired answer on phone, this is why show them. Offering such an opportunity clears the situation and companies will be able to provide precise estimates.

The floor always seems good when it shines and refinishing is the life and soul of the wood flooring. You may renovate all your home until the wood flooring will not get a refinishing work the home will still look haunted. The best services should be hired for the flooring and you will have plenty of options by asking only the right questions.

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