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Rajini asked for a chance for a poet!.. Can Ilayaraja do it? Do you know what he did?

In the 80’s, musician Ilayaraja was the one who made even the films that did not run well with his music in Tamil cinema. He has captivated everyone with his melodious music till date. During the 80s, many directors and producers repented for his music.



Ilayaraja has created his music as a treat for all the actors like Rajini, Kamal, Prabhu, Sathyaraj. Why even on a stage Rajini looks at Ilayaraja and says very sarcastically, “You have given better music for Kamal’s film than mine”.

Meanwhile, a video of an incident between Rajinikanth and Ilayaraja is going viral. That is, when he heard the song Meenamma Meenamma from the film ‘Rajathiraja’ starring Rajini, Rajini really liked it.



Immediately after asking who wrote this song, the nearby poet introduced Biraisudan and said that he had written it. He immediately pointed to Braisudan and said to Ilayaraja, ‘He writes well, give him a chance in the future and make use of it’.

But no chance came to Biraisudan after whatever time he said, and Ilayaraja also did not give any chance. Generally Ilayaraja doesn’t like it when someone talks about an opportunity, he only gives an opportunity if he wants to. It is said that he would not have given him a chance because of that.

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