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Rajini guarded the artist for the preview show of the film!.. This is the reason he said!..

Actor Rajini: Actor Rajinikanth is a big top star of Tamil cinema. Even after crossing 70 years, he still entertains his fans with the same freshness and enthusiasm. Even with so many young generation actors, Rajini’s films are super duper hits at the box office.

Rajinikanth has also been an actor giving tough to actors like Ajith and Vijay. Meanwhile, Rajini who attended the artist’s centenary function yesterday shared some things about the artist and his experience with the artist.

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Once Rajini invited the artist for the preview show of his film. It was election time at that time. So Rajini was going to come to the theater after registering his voice. When Rajini came out after registering his vote, did the journalists vote for him? They asked.

To which Rajini has very clearly said that it is for the double leaf. This news spread wildly in the newspapers of the time and was heavily criticized. Rajini was stunned and did not know what to do immediately, thinking that ‘there is another artist waiting there’.

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He also said that he cannot call himself cold and flu. But the artist is okay. He said that I am waiting. The artist asked Rajini, who had no other choice, ‘What’s the cold? Sit near the sun and it will be fine,’ he said and smiled.

Our superstar made everyone laugh by saying that the actor was Rajinikanth without saying who the actor was at yesterday’s artiste 100 function.

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