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Rajini made Radhika and Sarathkumar cry! Do you know what happened?

Not everyone has the ability to help without saying anything. Only a few people have such greatness. Superstar Rajinikanth is one of them. Let’s see what kind of help he did…

Directed by KS Ravikumar, Rajinikanth’s Jakubhai was the film. Even the poster of the film was released with Rajini’s pose. But for whatever reason, Rajini did not act in the film. The film was produced by Radhika. The film also has a problem. The film was leaked online before its release. Not only that, they also sold the film on cassette.



The Tamil film world came to a standstill. The production side was confused as if all our efforts had been wasted. But how about a release when the film itself doesn’t hit the theatres? Will any of the fans who saw it on the net attend the theatrical release? Will it be a big loss? Now how about a theatrical release? The production side was wringing its hands to overcome the loss.



At that time, Rajinikanth spoke to Radhika on the phone. It doesn’t matter how much money it costs. I will give the money. He said release the film immediately. Radhika, who did not expect this at all, was moved.

Radhika and Sarathkumar cried at the press meet the next day. Rajini was also there then. After that the film was also released. The film is almost gone. As far as Rajini is concerned, he will do many favors without saying anything. Radhika herself said in a TV interview that Rajini sir was the first person to come forward to help us.

Jakubai was released in 2010 directed by KS Ravikumar. Sarathkumar, Shreya, Sreesha, Goundamani, Vijayakumar and many others have acted in it. KS Ravikumar has acted in a special appearance in this film. It is said to be a remake of the French film Wasabi.

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