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Rajini’s salary is 40 crores!.. Do you know how much collection from Lal Salaam?.. Laika is like a piece on her head!

After many years, Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s film Lal Salaam, which was directed by Aasi Aasi, came to a state of waiting in theaters on the first day, which caused a great shock to the Lyca company. Lyca company is upset thinking that even the crowd attending the audio launch party will not watch the film on the first day.

While the movie Jailer has become a huge success, the film world is making a big fuss that Rajinikanth and his daughter’s plan to show the same mass and collect the dub has failed. Some have been copying before.

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It is said that after the success of Jailer, Rajinikanth did everything to make Lal Salaam a failure.

Rajinikanth played a supporting role as Vikrant’s father rather than a cameo role in the film. It was reported that Lyca company paid 40 crore rupees as salary to the superstar for acting in Lal Salaam for one week. Not sure how true that is.

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But Rajinikanth’s cameo is the reason why Lal Salaam’s opening day collection is Rs 4 crore. It is said that if only Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth acted, it would have come less than 1 crore on the first day. Saturday and Sunday pickup is only available. If not, they say the whole thing will be washed out on Monday.

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