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Really this is the Italian clothes!.. Papanasam papa gave a good pose.

The 22-year-old young Malayalam storm Esther Anil has posted her latest pictures on her Instagram page where she looks like a mermaid in a transparent white dress.

A child star in Malayalam and Tamil, Esther Anil rose to fame with films including Drishyam and its Tamil remake Papanasam.

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Born and brought up in Wayanad, Kerala, she is currently acting in Minmini directed by Halitha Shamim. It is noteworthy that Halita Shamim has been making the film for many years. Esther Anil made her debut in Malayalam film Nallavan in 2010 starring Jayasurya as a child star.

He has about 13 lakh followers on Instagram. Like Anika Surendran, she is a child star and is currently acting as a heroine in films.

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Fans are left speechless as Esther Anila, who played the role of Little Papa in Babanasam, has posed in Italian clothes like this. He also acted in Varalakshmi Sarathkumar starrer Vindhya Victim Verdict last year.

Esther Anil’s photos of her posing in a sleeveless white gown have gone viral on the internet and are disturbing the sleep of the youth at night.

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