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Recovery Day Then Longer Day – BionicOldGuy

On Friday I did an easy recovery day of just under 20 km. I just did a pace that felt comfortable, which was pretty slow (posted on Strava here). This ride did put me over 600 km for march so far, which was a Strava challenge I’d signed up for. At my current rate I’m expecting to double that for the month, which will be considerably less than I’d originally thought I’d do when I got excited about mileage after reading the book The Year, but will still be a lifetime personal record. I think I did a max of just under 1000 km when I was commuting to Stanford because my commute was 100 miles a week and I’d sometimes throw in weekend recreational rides. It feels pretty good that my 71 year old self is outdoing my 26 year old self, even if it is at a slower pace!

Yesterday I was back to normal so did a longer ride of about 57 km. Both Friday’s and yesterday’s ride were on my recumbent. Saturday was a nice spring day which I spent mostly to the north of Morgan Hill before finishing up with some riding around town. Posted on Strava here.

A Section of Coyote Creek Trail Running East-West
Taking A Break At Metcalf Park

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