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Recovery Then “Bent Gravel” – BionicOldGuy

Wednesday morning I went on a longer recovery ride to the Northeast, mostly on Coyote Creek trail, a very pleasant cruise (posted here).

One of my favorite panoramas on Coyote Creek trail, especially when it is this green.

Wednesday afternoon I did some more easy riding in my local neighborhood (posted here). Yesterday I started out with my upper body workout, then went for another easy ride (posted here). I have my fatter heavy duty tires on my recumbent, so I decided to see how it did on gravel (that’s what I meant by “bent gravel”). I headed over to Anderson Visitor’s center, the start of the Coyote Creek trail, trying out some of the gravel shoulders along the way. Then I tried one of the off-road paths next to Coyote Creek trail. It went pretty well as long as the path wasn’t too rough. I had my 20″ rear wheel on the bike, for rougher stuff I’d need a bigger wheel, which I’ll try soon.

Off-road path near Coyote Creek Trail

I did another ride in the afternoon, which included a path around an industrial park (posted here).

I’m done with the afternoon rides, I was padding my mileage for March, but it’s generating too much laundry!

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