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Reddit data-sharing agreement with Cision is expanded after IPO

Reddit data-sharing agreement with Cision is expanded after IPO


Following the company’s successful IPO, and a deal with Google to allow Reddit posts to be used as training data, the expansion of another Reddit data-sharing agreement has been signed – this time with Cision.

The data is likely to be used to help companies understand consumer perceptions of their brands, and insights into comments on their products …

Reddit data-sharing agreements

Reddit was clearly seeking ways to boost its perceived value in the run-up to its initial public offering, and signed a data-harvesting deal with Google back in February.

We first heard that access to Reddit user content was being sold to an unnamed AI company, to help it train large language models, and the company was later identified as Google.

The company presented it as a way to further surface Reddit posts in Google results, with the AI training mentioned almost in passing at the end, but the IPO filing revealed it to be worth $230M.

Agreement with Cision

Cision is a PR company which helps companies get their product and service announcements in front of the media, as well as providing press monitoring services. The latter highlights brand coverage in the media, but also helps companies understand consumer perceptions of their products and brands.

Reddit announced the expanded partnership, stating that Redditor “are real people, having real conversations” and brands need to hear what they are saying.

Redditors are real people, having real conversations – and brands won’t find them elsewhere. 

Accessing and monitoring these public conversations is crucial for organizations providing products and tools that help their customers with social media management, monitoring, and consumer intelligence. This is why we’re building on our partnership with Cision by expanding the connection between Cision and Reddit’s Data API.

As with Google, Cision also aims to use the data to develop AI tools.

This collaboration unlocks richer audience insights for brands now, while also fueling a pipeline of future innovations. By harnessing the Reddit Data API, Cision plans to supercharge the development of its proprietary AI-powered brand reputation and audience analysis technologies across its entire product suite. This will ensure PR professionals, marketers, and researchers can capitalize on the latest market advancements to gain a competitive edge.

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