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Redmi Buds 5 review. Cheap wireless headphones with ANC, good battery and touch control

Redmi Buds 5 review. Cheap wireless headphones with ANC, good battery and touch controlWireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. Of course, for professional use, or listening to music on advanced equipment at home, or even for gaming, many people still choose classic headphones with a cable, because their advantages are noticeable. However, I must admit that in recent years I have noticed fewer and fewer people on the streets, in trams, buses and shops using cable headphones with a smartphone. Of course, fashion also influences this, but in my opinion, this state of affairs is mainly influenced by two things. First: comfort. The lack of a tangled cable that restricts movement and can be damaged is a big advantage. Secondly: an increasingly better price-to-quality ratio of wireless headphones.

Author: Tomasz Duda

I remember buying my first small TWS headphones about 8 years ago. They were of an unknown brand, they worked for a short time on one charge, they often caused problems with pairing, the sound quality was terrible, and the price was definitely inadequate to the possibilities. I ended up quickly stopping using them because I had plenty of wired headphones that sounded incomparably better. Meanwhile, not even a decade has passed and the situation has changed dramatically. Even for a relatively modest amount of PLN 130-169 you can buy wireless headphones that look good, are light and comfortable, have touch controls, good microphones, good battery life, active noise reduction (ANC), and fully acceptable quality. sound. Redmi Buds 5 is one of these headphones. They are cheap and good. What are the most important features of these headphones? It’s worth starting with the price.

I knew that inexpensive headphones would be included in the test, so I was prepared not to expect too much from them. Meanwhile, Redmi Buds 5 showed that it is possible to make wireless headphones that are both cheap and good. They have a long battery life, have ANC, transparent mode, automatic pause, good microphones and are splash-proof. And that’s not all.

Redmi Buds 5 review. Cheap wireless headphones with ANC, good battery and touch control [nc1]

Redmi Buds 5 arrived before the official Polish premiere, when the price on our market had not yet been revealed. I only found out about it the day before publication and it amounted to PLN 169. Previously, the headphones were already available in China, so they could naturally be found on large auction sites (including Polish ones), where the typical price was around PLN 130. Now, after some time spent with Redmi Buds 5, I think that PLN 130 is a ridiculously low price considering what this model offers. Besides, the official PLN 169 is also perfectly fine. I will write more about the sound quality later in the review, but I can already assure you that it is better than you might think, considering the cost of purchase. The price is a big advantage of these headphones. Fortunately, an attractive price is just the beginning. The headphones have active noise cancellation (ANC), operating at three power levels. They also allow you to use the so-called transparent mode in three different ways (normal voice, highlighted voice, highlighted ambient sounds).

Redmi Buds 5
Communication wireless, Bluetooth v5.3
Reception 10 m
Bluetooth protocols HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Transducers dynamic, diameter 12.4 m (one in each handset)
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency response 20 – 20000 Hz
Audio codecs SBC, AAC
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) yes, up to 46 dB, 3 intensity levels
Transparent mode yes, 3 modes (including voice amplification or highlighting ambient sounds)
Waterproof IP54
Battery 54 mAh (in both headphones), 480 mAh (in the case)
Battery life 10 hours (earphones only, no ANC, half volume), 40 hours (including case)
Charging case yes, with USB-C connector
Microphone 2x in each earphone, with noise reduction function during calls
Headphone dimensions 29.5 × 21.4 × 23.5 mm
Charging case dimensions 61 × 50 × 24.6 mm
Mass 5.3 g (single earphone), 31.4 g (case), 42 g (total)
Additional information automatic pause and play, touch control, connection to two devices at once, Google Fast Pair, 4 equalizer (EQ) settings
Color black, white, sky blue
Price PLN 130 – 169

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They can be paired with two devices at the same time (e.g. smartphone + laptop or tablet). They automatically recognize insertion and removal from the ears, thanks to which they have an automatic play and pause function. They are equipped with touch surfaces that allow you to adjust the volume, change songs, answer calls and pause. There is even an option to automatically answer phone calls only when the headphones are placed in your ears. There are also four factory sound equalizer settings, allowing you to enhance e.g. bass, treble or vocal tones in music. I will check the battery life later in the review, but the manufacturer declares that without ANC and at half volume, the headphones should play for up to ten hours, and with the charging case, up to 40 hours. If the real results were similar, we can safely say that this is a good result in this price class. Moreover, Redmi Buds 5 are light, comfortable and well-made enough, and they have two good microphones in each earpiece. I don’t know about you, but for PLN 130-169 I simply don’t expect anything more.

Redmi Buds 5 review. Cheap wireless headphones with ANC, good battery and touch control [nc1]

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