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release date in theaters, when it will come to streaming and its post-credits scene

It advanced its release date in Spain.

FNAF the movie: release date in theaters, when it will come to streaming and its post-credits scene
Five Nights at Freddy’s, from Universal Pictures

Five nights at Freddy’s It is today a global phenomenon, there is no doubt, but the most surprising of all is how quickly it achieved this fame. an independent horror video game that appeared almost out of nowhere in 2014 and that today, less than a decade later, has to its credit several sequels, spin offs, novels, fanmade games, its own attraction and yes, a movie.

Precisely from the tape directed by Emma Tammi This is what we are going to talk about today, and that is Five nights at Freddy’s has just been released in British cinemaswhere it is expected that the box office numbers will not disappoint, just as the pre-sale of tickets in the United States has not, with a estimate of more than 50 million dollars only for its premiere, which will occur on Friday, October 27. Numbers left far even from those of the wonders (and were considered weak), but which are nevertheless really good for a horror film also based on a video game license, especially if we take into account that this is one of the weakest weekends at the American box office historically.

These figures may also have been influenced by the fact that there, Five nights at Freddy’s premiere simultaneously on a streaming service such as Peacockservice that does not yet operate in many countries, including ours.

And in Spain and other parts of the world?

Fortunately in other parts of the world, now including Spain, We won’t have to wait too long either. to see a film that has had an approximate budget of just over 23 and a half million euros. So, in Latin America the macabre terror of these animatronic characters can be enjoyed from October 26that is, from tomorrow, arriving therefore one day before Yankee territory.

Regarding Spain, Five nights at Freddy’s has given us a joy lately, and that is that the Universal Pictures film and the especialists in the horror genre Blumhouse has advanced its release date, moving it from November 3 to 1And both Fridays and Wednesdays are premiere days in our country, and now we can also go rushing to the movies as it is a national holiday. And when you do, don’t be in a hurry to get up, because there will be a post-credits scene that we cannot miss.

Video on demand services are expected to arrive during the second half of December, its most likely destination platform being SkyShowtime.

What is the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie about?

Being an adaptation of the video games of the same name, the film will tell a story that fans of this franchise will already know, focusing on Mike (played by Josh Hutcherson, Ultraman, The Hunger Games), a man distraught by the disappearance of his brother some time ago. already more than ten years old but who nevertheless still has to take care of his little sister.

To earn money he decides to accept a position as security guard at a pizzeria abandoned theme known as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, but what seemed to be a quiet night will soon turn out to be his worst nightmare when the four animatronic dolls come to life that decorate the premises during the day. Thus, with the invaluable help of a local police officer played by Elizabeth Lail (Mack & Rita), he will have to try to survive the most supernatural terror.

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