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Review of ‘Imaginary’, Blumhouse’s new horror film with good ideas and a terrible final section

Review of ‘Imaginary’, Blumhouse’s new horror film with good ideas and a terrible final section


Can an imaginary friend hurt you? And your family?

Review of 'Imaginary', Blumhouse's new horror film with good ideas and a terrible final section
‘Imaginary’ opens in theaters in a few days and we’ll tell you what we thought of it

A few weeks ago we attended the preview in our country of Imaginarythe new scary movie Blumhouse Productionsthe studio responsible for many of the recent horror film hits as Five nights at Freddy’s oh M3GAN and which also premiered not long ago, although with less success, The pool. This time they dare with an old-fashioned horror film that seemed to us as well done in almost all its sections as it is irregularas we will see below and as you can see for yourselves from the March 15 in theaters.

And the film begins well, with some opening credits telling us, without wasting time on superfluous issues, what happened to Jessica, the character who will endure the greatest weight throughout the film, masterfully performed by a DeWanda Wise (Jurassic World: Dominion), during his traumatic childhoodand from there it will go to the present where the aforementioned cartoonist of children’s stories has nightmares again.

Your solution? Move where he was once happy, which he will do with his new partner, played by actor Tom Payne, and his two even younger daughters, Alice (Pyper Braun in his second professional role, which he has already points ways) and Taylor (Taegen Burns), a rebellious teenager who nevertheless loves her little sister with absolute devotion, but not to his stepmother.

A promising start

This will begin a story in which, through the use of good but almost imperceptible CGI, we will witness a small but sufficient recital of scares which, for the most part, do not abuse the always feared and almost always predictable jump scare (that resource that suddenly shows something on the screen accompanied by a louder than usual sound). On the contrary, sometimes, because those responsible do play with sound and with the camera shots (very careful throughout the film), but in a smart way and rarely anticipated.

Since we’re talking about him, the entire sound treatment of Imaginary is noteworthysomething to take into account in this type of productions. It is not only that there is no indiscriminate use of volume increases and that it is used when it should, such as when opening a door behind which there is nothing?, it is that in many parts of the film we will be hearing some murmurs background that will act as a soundtrack that will penetrate our brain without realizing it but which we will notice when they stop hearing each other.

The final stretch, not so much

For this reason and how It seems that he is going to escape from the magical or the mystical during much of its projection, it is even more striking that its third and last act gives a 180° turn and embrace what you have been, and rightly, avoiding for the previous hour, also pushing your protagonists to accept a truth as unlikely as it is impossible to swallow, and even less at that speed.

Imaginary It goes from being a remarkable film in its first sixty minutes to seem like little more than an episode of a series about terror from any streaming service that we have contracted in our house, jumping from the real to the supernatural in seconds, becoming at times a kind of The cell meet The Ghostbusters.

If its final section, with its rooms adorned with a ceiling worthy of an influencer with stuffed cats on her bed, I would have kept a serious tone from the first half of the film, Imaginary It would have been one of the horror films to watch out for in recent years. However, it has not been like thatwhich, together with some performances such as that of the also singer Betty Buckley or that of Jessica’s husband Tom Payne, which, without being bad, is not up to par with that of DeWanda Wise or even that of a surprising Pyper Braun, make it detract despite the exciting initial flashes.

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