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RJ Balaji has made Vijay’s film look ugly!.. Is Singapore salon wrong?..

Meenakshi Chelatri who is playing the heroine in Vijay starrer Kot directed by Venkat Prabhu is also the heroine in RJ Balaji starrer Singapore Salon. In this case, Ajith’s fans are vilifying Vijay’s film during the recent promotion conducted by RJ Balaji, who has been promoting the film in a different way.

When actor Vijay called RJ Balaji and asked him to tell him a story, he said that he does not have a story for now and will soon prepare a story for you.

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It is said that after becoming a hero, RJ Balaji continues to speak in the same way as when he was a comedian.

When RJ Balaji said that I never said that it is a film that can be watched with family, VJ Sidhu said that it is the kind of victory that families celebrate, but is he afraid to say that?

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Ajith’s fans are getting excited by editing this video with a scene where Vijay says “families celebrate victory” in Varisu.

In response, Vijay fans have started fighting over Unga Aalu Ajith starrer Mohamad movie. So RJ Balaji starrer Singapore Salon is not a must watch movie with the family? Netizens are also asking questions.

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