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Rode NT-USB+ levels up a podcast and streaming staple


If you’re a regular podcast listener, you’ve almost certainly heard what the NT-USB is capable of. Rode’s venerable USB microphone first rocked up in 2014, and has been a go-to for live streamers and musicians, as well as podcasters, ever since. After eight years, though, it’s time for a successor to shine. Enter the NT-USB+.

Just like its predecessor, the NT-USB+ is a compact condenser mic that’ll pack up and travel with you just about anywhere, without needing to drag along an audio mixer along for the ride. A single USB-C cable is all you need to record studio-grade sound, whether it be for music, podcasting, live streaming or anything else. That also means it’ll plug and play with smartphones and tablets as well as PCs and laptops, without needing any dongles.

The new model doesn’t mess with a classic, keeping the same form factor as before. Microphone and headphone monitoring controls are built into the mic, along with a zero-latency 3.5mm headphone output, while a pop filter included in the box can put an end to plosives on your recordings. There’s also a tripod mount for easy desktop placement if you don’t have a microphone arm available.

Rode NT-USB+ levels up a podcast and streaming staple

Underneath, the NT-USB+ gains the same Revolution Preamp that first appeared on the Rodecaster Pro II audio mixer. It’ll happily record 24-bit/48kHz analogue-to-digital audio, with high-gain recording at very low noise levels.

It’s supported by Rode’s free Connect software suite, which adds APHEX audio processing for squeezing a professional sound from even the most acoustically challenging recording spaces. As well as a high-pass filter, noise gate and compressor, you’ll also get the snigger-inducing “big bottom” mode, which promises a rich, broadcast-style voice tone.

The mic itself has a studio-grade condenser that Rode says delivers “warmth and clarity, with a full frequency response and tight cardioid polar pattern”.

Rode NT USB Plus lifestyle

The NT-USB+ goes on sale later this year. There’s currently no word on UK prices, but given the original NT-USB currently retails for around £140, we’re expecting this to land at a slight premium.


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