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Rohit Sharma: “Rohit will play without the captain’s crown!” – What are the challenges?

Mumbai will play their first league match today. The players in the Mumbai team have not changed much but only one player has made a big difference. It is Hardik Pandya. They have removed Rohit Sharma from the captaincy and brought in Hardik from Gujarat as the captain.

Mumbai Indians

Will non-captain Rohit Sharma be a key player for Mumbai? Because personally batsman Rohit Sharma’s IPL form is in the red alert area. An analysis of how important this season is for Rohit Sharma in such a situation.

Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma played well in the last World Cup. He didn’t do too badly in the recent Test series against England either. He is in good Dutch. But IPL is different. Rohit Sharma’s recent form in the IPL has not been all that impressive. After the 2016 IPL season, he has scored 400+ runs only in one of the 7 seasons.

Rohit Sharma

He had scored 489 runs in the 2016 season. He had scored 333 runs in the 2017 season. He scored 286 runs in 2018 season, 332 runs in 2020 season, 381 runs in 2021 season, 268 runs in the next season and 332 runs in the last season. In between, he has scored 405 runs in the 2019 season.

That was the only season that played somewhat well. He has played poorly every other season. During the same period, Virat Kohli’s pace decreased. The strike rate is down. He had played in international matches. So many people were only focused on Virat Kohli. There was a lot of criticism on him. Meanwhile they forgot to talk about Rohit’s IPL form. Also, Rohit was doing well as a captain. So his batting did not become a talking point. But, that is not going to be the case in the current season. Rohit is not the captain this time. Just batter.

Mumbai Indians

Why should Mumbai team give a chance to a player who is not in good form either as a captain or as a batsman in every match. Otherwise why include him as a key player in the XI? Is it not enough to just be used as an impact player? No, let’s assume that Mumbai will give Rohit chances in the series even if he doesn’t play well this season. But what about him next season? A mega auction is going to happen before the next season. Three players can be retained for huge sums before that auction. Rohit will not necessarily be picked as one of those three players. They will be wondering why Rohit should be retained as a captain and an underachieving batsman.

Rohit will have to do well this season if he wants to smash all the above mentioned questions and retain his place with the same influence. He should score at least 400+ runs. Earlier he was a captain. He had many responsibilities. He also had to play for other players.

Rohit Sharma

In the past we have seen him change his game just to get Ishan Kishan in form. Not so this season. He just danced for him. Let’s wait and see what Rohit is going to do after playing well in the World Cup.

How many runs will Rohit Sharma score this season? Comment your prediction!

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