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Hello Guys! I hope you all are fine. Today, I am back with another new earning app. In this application, You can Play Games and Earn ₹20 Free Paytm cash daily. This app is trusted because it is from Hike.

About Rush App

Rush app is one of the latest released Earning app. This app is very similar to WinZo Games. Here multiple players play games with each other and Earn Paytm Cash. The UI of the app is very cool and unique.

Right Now, You can only play the carrom FreeStyle app. But Soon some new games are added. You will also get a ₹20 Signup bonus and You can use the Signup bonus and Play games. Follow the below steps.

How to Register in Rush app?

1 . First of all, Download the app from Here.

2. Install and Open the app.

3. Now, Signup and Claim ₹20 Bonus Button.

4. Enter your Mobile Number.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

6. Now, Enter the OTP You Received via SMS.

7. Now, Enter your Name and State.

8. You are Registered Successfully and You will get Rs.20 Bonus

9. Use the bonus and Play games

10. Withdraw the Real Money in your bank or UPI.

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