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Sai Kishore: “Opportunity is like an angel!” – Tamil Nadu player Sai Kishore who was confused against Mumbai

The match between Gujarat and Mumbai was interesting till the last over. The Gujarat team won by three due to their excellent bowling. Mohit Sharma, Spencer, Umesh Yadav are all being praised on social media. But the `Unsung Hero’ of yesterday’s match was Sai Kishore. It was his controlled bowling and the wicket of Rohit that took the Mumbai team towards collapse.

Sai Kishore

Sai Kishore bowled 4 overs in yesterday’s match. He also took the wicket of Rohit Sharma by giving only 24 runs. Sai Kishore bowled all those 4 overs at crucial stages. Mumbai scored 52 runs in the powerplay. Only 2 wickets were lost. Rohit and Devald Previs were bowling well.

At that time, the bowler who bought the ball immediately after the powerplay slowed Mumbai Indians down by conceding just 3 runs in the 7th over. Rohit Sharma hits a boundary in the 9th over. Even so, only 7 runs. Dewalt Preves hit a six in the 11th over. But nothing could be done with the other balls. Just 9 runs in this over. In the next over, Rohit Khali tries to knock and sweep.

Sai Kishore

In these 4 overs Sai Kishore bowled the remaining 22 balls perfectly despite a six and a four. Rohit had settled down well. Brevis was rocking action. But both faltered to play the big shot against Sai Kishore. Previs tried several times to play the big shot but failed.

As long as Previs was on the field, Mumbai team was solid. Rohit stopped short of playing a big innings at one end. It was only after Sai Kishor took Rohit’s wicket that Mumbai’s chase began to falter. The soldiers started getting nervous. Left-arm batsman Tilak Verma was facing 4 balls from left-arm spinner Sai Kishore. There was not a single boundary in those 4 balls. The big turning point of the match was Rohit’s economical completion of 4 overs.

Sai Kishore has improved tremendously over the past year. Audi has won gold for the Indian team in the Asian Games. He had taken 50+ wickets in the recently concluded Ranji series. He also captained the Tamil Nadu team to the semi-finals after many years. Sai Kishor was not seen as a top prospect by Gujarat team in past seasons. Only a few matches were given a chance. Not so this season. Gujarat has realized the potential of Sai Kishor. Sai Kishore got his chance in the first match of the season. He is using it properly. Now, “Opportunity is like an angel!” As Sai Kishore has put a reel. That’s true!

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