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Saipallavi caught up in controversy by talking about violence

Actress Sai Pallavi has made a name for herself as a Flower Teacher.

Since then, she has been acting in Tamil and Telugu language films.

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In this context, what he has said about the killings in India while speaking at a recent promotion event is causing a stir.

The comment he made has gone viral on the social website. That is to say, the killing of Kashmiris in Kashmir, which is predominantly Muslim, is the same as the killing of Jaisree Ram, who misled the Islamists who took the cows here and killed him. Both are very wrong.

Actress Sai Pallavi has spoken very boldly on the idea that no life should go in the name of religion. This thing is becoming a trend now. It is noteworthy that some have been posting their views in support of him and some against it.

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