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Sally Sally Odachitteemeppa..! Isn’t this a Loki story… Lalit said openly..!

Leo Movie: It has been three days since the release of Vijay starrer Leo in the theaters to get rid of the longing of many. But if you think that there will be talks like agaoho, only negative criticism is accumulating more and more.

Leo starring Vijay was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Sanjay Dutt and Arjun as villains in the film created anticipation for the film. The film also faced several stages of resistance from the first single to its release.

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There was already a controversy that Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj had a fight in the film and Ratnakumar had directed half of the film. But Lalit Kumar and Lokesh all denied it.

Lokesh films are always on a separate level. But many have opined that the second part of Leo, which is about to be released, has faced a huge delay. The fans themselves investigated the real reason for this and caught it.

In a recent interview given by producer Lalith Kumar, Vijay, who had first completed the film Beast, was going to star in the film Leo. But it took time for Lokesh to come after Vikram finished the film. That’s why he went to act in Varisu.

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He told the story to Vijay and told me the story only after getting OK. That night, Vijay called and asked if he was okay. I said everything is ok but some changes would be good. Hearing that, Vijay immediately called Lokesh and did what I asked.

Lokesh also had a fight scene in the film as a small scene. We asked to change it more. There are a few more scenes. He says that he cannot say that now. Then the fans are questioning whether it was you or Sendhu who broke Leo’s furniture.

Watch Lalit Interview: https://twitter.com/ManobalaV/status/1715648431098826955

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