Technology NewsSamsung announces S95C and S90C OLED TV models, Premiere...

Samsung announces S95C and S90C OLED TV models, Premiere 8K projector


Samsung has announced its next generation of QD-OLED televisions for 2023, and it will come in two variants and three sizes using the next generation OLED panel from Samsung Displays.

The 2023 range includes the S95C and the more affordable S90C and will be the successor to last year’s S95B, which had a great response from reviewers and customers. The new models feature the same 55-inch and 65-inch sizes as before but Samsung will now also offer a new 77-inch size, which is becoming increasingly popular among buyers.

Both models feature the next generation quantum dot OLED panel from Samsung Display, also seen on the Odyssey OLED G9 launched yesterday. This new panel has a claimed peak brightness of 2000 nits, although that is only achievable on a 3% window, with more conventional 10% window testing achieving 1500 nits. Samsung’s panels also use a standard RGB subpixel layout instead of the WRGB layout used by LG panels, which can cause some color saturation issues and near black overshoot artifacts. Despite the increase in brightness, Samsung still claims reduced power consumption owning to better panel efficiency.

Between the S95C and the S90C, the main difference is in the design. The S95C has a slimmer design due to the presence of Samsung’s One Connect Box while the S90C has a larger bulge at the back from having all connectors built-in.

Both television variants support 144Hz refresh rate and the Samsung Gaming Hub feature. They are also the first OLED televisions to be certified with AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro for variable refresh rates and HDR while gaming.

Samsung announces S95C and S90C OLED TV models for 2023

Aside from the QD-OLED models, Samsung also announced new LCD-based Neo QLED 8K and 4K models with mini-LED backlight and Samsung’s new Neural Quantum Processor with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling. There are also new Micro LED models for 2023, which range from 50-inch to 140-inch in size.

The company also announced an 8K variant of its ultra-short throw laser projector, the Premiere 8K, which can project a 150-inch image. The compact Freestyle projector also gets an updated model for 2023, with a new Smart EDGE Blending feature that lets you place two Freestyle projectors to create a wide 21:9 image without manually aligning them. This model will also include the Samsung Gaming Hub.

All pricing and availability information will be revealed later.

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