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Samsung has created a zoom system never seen before on a mobile phone: this is how it works

Future developments for the S24 range.

Samsung has created a zoom system never seen before on a mobile phone: this is how it works
The new camera function of the S24 will give compelling reasons for many users to buy them

Samsung continues working to put its next generation of flagship phones at the forefront of the Android panorama. That is why, in the next Samsung Galaxy S24It will be implemented an unprecedented zoom system on smartphones that will allow, thanks to the support of AI, to carry out 4K recordings with smart zoom.

Making the most of the 200 megapixel sensor

This zoom function will be especially designed for the highest resolution lens, the 200 megapixel one. This highly detailed camera, together with the processing that can be carried out with the 3rd generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8They will guarantee outstanding performance thanks to the powerful AI that will vitaminize the functions of the NPU. In fact, Artificial Intelligence will be able to automatically zoom in on the main subject of the camerafollowing it so that it stays in the center of the enlarged image.

This new feature has been featured so much on your blog as through a YouTube video, in which you can see in detail the operation of “ISOCELL zoom anyplace” technologythat allows you to expand any desired area and continue to obtain top-quality photographic or video results. Without a doubt, this is a big leap from the current system of the S23 line.

A new ceiling in smartphone photography

Photography on smartphones has not stopped improving in recent years. In fact, The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a camera application currently leading in the sector, both for the power of the S23 Ultra as for the software inside. However, alongside this new technology, even the flagship of this 2023 will be left behind.

Samsung has been, for many years, the leading brand of smartphones with Android system. Being a direct rival of Apple, these two companies constantly compete for the throne of the sector, with very similar figures and a leadership that constantly alternates in the quarterly sales rankings. There is no clear leader, but it is clear that Apple is the most powerful firm outside of Android, and that Samsung is the most popular brand within the Google ecosystem.

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