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Samsung is already the new Ferrari of Android updates

The path is being shown by walking, and the manufacturer based in Seoul has already started the distribution of the May patches (starting with the Galaxy A10e) without us even being in May.

Samsung is already the new Ferrari of Android updates
Google releases security patches for Android on a monthly basis, and each manufacturer implements them according to their own ‘roadmaps’.

It certainly seems that Samsung is putting the batteries in this to update their devicesand it is that after announcing the best support in the entire Android catalog with up to 4 major updates of the system and 5 years of security patches (a support that later others have imitated) all of us have been able to notice how security patches are arriving more than punctually to their leading smartphones.

Not in vain, as our friends from SamMobilefrom the software development team of Samsung have already started the distribution of the May patches for some of their mobilesand this is that we are not yet in May and we are talking about a very basic and cheap cutting terminal.

It’s not even May, and Samsung is already updating the affordable Galaxy A10e in South Korea with the May 2023 patches.

And it is that no, the first Samsung that will receive latest android security update they will not be the Galaxy S23 but the Galaxy A10ea low-end terminal that is not sold in Europe and that began to be updated in South Korea last Monday, April 24, incorporating the patches of May 2023thus being the first to do so.

We can therefore once again congratulate the South Korean giant, who little by little it is changing that image that it had as slow and ineffective when updating the Android versions and security patches of your devices, always weighed down by the weight of the Samsung Experiencenow a lighter and more successful One UI.

Of course, we have more details of this compilation, and it is that it responds to the code A102NKOS3CWD1 and of course it maintains the latest Android base released for this terminal, Android 11. In fact, it seems that Samsung has used the South Korean Galaxy A10e as a kind of mulet of tests, because this same smartphone Two years ago it was the first basic mobile phone to receive Android 11 with Samsung’s custom interface, One UI 3.0.


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