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Samsung is already working on memories with a petabyte of storage (and they are an absolute outrage)

The new SSDs in which Samsung is already working promise more than 1 million ‘gigs’, and have the capacity to store up to 2.5 years of videos at 4K resolution.

Samsung is already working on memories with a petabyte of storage (and they are an absolute outrage)
In the foreground, a Samsung Electronics chip installed on a motherboard.

Since the First Quarter 2023 Results in the smartphone industry they have not brought good news to Samsungthe South Korean giant He wanted to talk to us about memories and storage during a kind of Flash Memory Market Summit held in China, where the South Korean giant has spoken of new developments absolutely out of market and almost also outside of our understanding capacities.

And it is that, as the companions of SamMobileSamsung engineers already have new ones in the oven data storage solutions that will allow us to store hundreds of terabyteswith the goal that a few units of these hard drives of the future can save digitized, for example, the entire Library of Congress of the United States of America.

As you will now see, the figures are impressive100% hours categoryand they join other almost incredible technology such as that of the microSD cards introduced a few months ago by Samsung, and that they are able to operate smoothly and continuously for more than 16 years in a row in video surveillance solutions.

The memories that Samsung prepares for this promising future will have 1 petabyte (1,000,000 of gigabytes), and will be able to save up to two and a half years of video at 4K resolution.

During the event, Samsung reported on its work with 3D NAND technology SSD memories which could soon reach 1 petabyte of storage, or what is the same, 1,024 ‘teras’ or more than 1 million gigabytes capable of storing huge amounts of data.

In fact, the company representatives themselves spoke of 2.5 years of 4K video on each disc and only a few drives to hold the entire digitized Library of Congress, though to see this there are a few years left as there are still some technical hurdles that will have to be polished in the Seoul offices.

It seems engineers are mostly dealing with some physical and logical scaling that will have to be improvedbecause in the physical part the NAND cells will have to continue reducing their size while the number of layers increases.

Samsung Electronics engineers will have to work on materials science to manage more voltages that allow them to store more bits in each cell, while continuing to reduce the physical size of these cells in the 3D NAND structure.

Samsung says that these scales on which 3D NAND is based have limitsand that the figure of around 1,000 capes they are getting right now It won’t be enough to get there petabyte which they aim.

He logical scaling should come to the rescue, as it will allow increase the number of bits that are stored in each cell making use of more voltage states, something that poses technical challenges both in materials science as in temperature management.

Evolution is on the table, in any case, and Samsung works on those high-tech solutions that allow us multiply storage capacities in the next few years, so we just have to sit back and wait patiently… Improvements are always welcome!


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