Samsung might expand the Good Lock app to more regions soon

Samsung might expand the Good Lock app to more regions soon

Good Lock, a collection of Samsung-made apps or “modules,” is one of the most powerful tools available to Samsung Galaxy users. Good Lock goes beyond the standard set of personalization features offered by most OEM skins and allows a deep level of customizations to let users make their device truly own. There’s no doubt Good Lock adds great value to Samsung’s One UI software skin. But at the same time, the limited availability means Galaxy users in many parts of the world have yet to get their hands on this powerful tool. But it looks like Samsung might expand the app to more markets soon.

In a recent interview with the South Korean publication Kakao (via SamMobile), the team behind Good Luck hinted at opening up the Good Lock app to more markets. The team didn’t commit to any specific timeline but suggested that they were considering expanding the app to more countries as there was an “unexpectedly high response” from users.

The developers also talked about some of the features they plan to add to the Good Lock app, including allowing users to create their own stickers for the Samsung Keyboard app, the ability to tweak app icons, and expanding the scope of theme customizations.

One of the primary challenges the Good Lock team faces is ensuring compatibility with new OS updates. With every new Android release, developers must update the modules to ensure they play nicely with the new OS and continue to work as intended without breaking. That’s the reason why many of your favorite Good Lock modules don’t work when you update to the newer Android version.

When Good Lock launched, it was limited to only six markets, including Samsung’s home country South Korea and the US. But Samsung has slowly been expanding the app to more markets. Last year, Samsung made it available in five European countries, including Germany, France, and Spain. As it stands, Good Lock is currently available in 15 markets. Considering the app launched five years ago, it’s a shame it’s still not available to most Galaxy users.


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