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Samsung One UI 4.1 update arrives on U.S. Galaxy A32 5G 

It can be hard to keep track of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone lineup. But, the South Korean brand has done a good job keeping its portfolio of handsets up-to-date. The Galaxy S22 was the first to arrive with the One UI 4.1 update straight from the factory. Following its release, Samsung has delivered the update to its other handsets, like the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy A52 5G, and more. A couple weeks ago, we reported that the update had arrived on the Galaxy A32 5G, and now it looks like the same update has arrived has arrived to U.S. shores.

While T-Mobile’s own support website has yet to add this device, the update has been confirmed as going live and rolling out to supported handsets in the United States. Labeled as firmware version A326USQU7BVD1, the latest update brings some welcome changes to the UI. The One UI 4.1 update introduces the Color Palette feature, which creates a cohesive look by taking the colors found in your wallpaper and applying it to menus, buttons, and other areas of the UI.

The One UI 4.1 update also gives better control over app permissions. Users can see what apps have access to sensitive information and can even deny access to those apps. Also, in order to keep users better informed, visual indicators will appear when the camera and microphone are in use. Samsung has also added tools to reduce eye strain with its Enhanced Dark mode. While this is only a small sample of changes, it does also include the latest April 2022 security patch. You can check here for the complete list of changes found in Samsung’s One UI 4.1 update.

Those that are in possession of a T-Mobile or Sprint branded Galaxy A32 5G can now download the update. While there shouldn’t be issues, it is always recommended to back up your data, just in case something goes wrong.

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