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Santhanam’s salary will be collected at least the North Patti Ramasamy?.. Still no pickup pass!..

Santhanam starrer Karthik Yogi directed by Santhanam which released last Friday received positive reviews but the fans say that his previous films have tested the fans and they have left their interest to go to big theaters.

While Vadhakpatti Ramasamy was expected to be a huge hit for Santhanam, the box office situation seems to be the opposite.

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Even though Sivakarthikeyan took the route and went to Santhanam Theater for promotion, the crowd that comes to him is still not coming to Santhanam films.

Have the disappointed fans who believed in the 80s build-up film come to the conclusion that they will never see Santhanam’s film again? Don’t know what. Shocking reports have come out that the movie Vadhakpatti Ramasamy which collected just Rs 1 Crore on the first day has collected less than Rs 1 Crore on the 2nd day. They claim that they have collected a total of 1.9 crore rupees in 2 days.

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Although the official announcement of Sivakarthikeyan’s Ayalan is 75 crore rupees, it is said that the collection is not enough for the budget and debt of the film.

While Santhanam’s salary is 8 crore rupees, he had said that this is the highest budget film released in his acting. They say that even if it is taken for 15 crores, if it runs for another 15 days, it will come from the first investment. With the coming of Lal Salam next week, there are reports that the situation in North Patti Ramasamy will worsen.

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