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Save $350 on this 2TB LaCie Rugged SSD, falling to its lowest price ever

You can now save 66% on this rugged LaCie SSD for a limited time.

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LaCie Rugged SSD

$180 $530 Save $350

It’s not always about speed, but the LaCie rugged SSD has plenty of it. With Thunderbolt 3 support, you can transfer files at up to 2,800MB/s, and it has a rugged design with IP67 water and dust resistance, crush resistance up to two tons of force, and more.

There are a lot of great SSD options out there, but if you’re looking for one that can survive in the most challenging situations, then this LaCie Rugged SSD is going to be for you. While this drive has a normal retail price of $529.99, it’s now been discounted by 66%, knocking the price down by $350, coming in at just $179.99 for a limited time. You really won’t find a better deal for this drive, as it’s the lowest price it’s ever been.

What’s great about the LaCie Rugged SSD?

While the 2TB of storage space is nice, what really sets this drive apart is its ability to withstand extreme situations and keep on working. While normal external portable SSD drives are already pretty resilient to bumps and drops, this LaCie drive takes things to the extreme, with the company claiming that the drive offers “two-ton car crush resistance.”

Furthermore, the drive can withstand a three-meter drop and also has an IP67 rating, making waterproof. You might be wondering, so what happens if something does happen to the drive and it breaks? Well, LaCie offers five years of data recovery service just in case something does happen to the drive which should provide some peace of mind.

In addition, you also get privacy features like hardware encryption, and quick transfer rates up to 2800MB/s. This drive is extremely portable and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and can also work with other devices like tablets and smartphones. For the price, you’re getting a stellar piece of hardware, especially if you’re someone that’s always on the go and needs external storage. Just be sure to grab it while it’s still on sale because this deal won’t last.

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